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Psychokinesiology: Doorway to the Unconscious Mind

By Alexander S. Holub, Ph.D. with Evelyn Budd-Michaels, Ph.D.Trade Paper: 288 pagesISBN: 1-893157-06-7
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The subconscious aspect of the human mind has long been shrouded in mystery. This bold and dynamic book reveals the key to communicating directly with this little understood realm of our psyche. Written primarily for professional therapists and counselors, the new and carefully outlined and researched techniques can be incorporated easily into current talk therapy practice. The lay reader is also rewarded with clear perceptions of why his/her life remains the same; stuck in outmoded behavior patterns despite their best efforts to alter their thoughts and actions.


By Alexander S. Holub, Ph.D. with Evelyn Budd-Michaels, Ph.D.
Trade Paper: 288 pages
ISBN: 1-893157-06-7



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