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The Secret in the Bible

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The Lost History of the Giza Plateau and How Temple Priests of the Great Pyramid Preserved the Evidence of Life Beyond Death

Ancient Egyptian priests recorded that “Gods of the First Time” revealed to them the keys to mastering death and exquisite information on the nature of the afterlife. Those insights were guarded with utmost secrecy and revealed only to selected members of the Mystery Schools by a long initiation process. In later times, high initiates secreted the essence of the sacred Secret into the Bible and developed a series of ciphers that enabled the hidden wisdom to be unlocked and reinstated to the modern world in another era. Now for the first time, this book reveals that knowledge, providing the extraordinary “Secret of the Dead” and totally explains why the Bible was considered a “divine” book.


By Tony Bushby
346 pages… Trade Paper
ISBN: 0-9581891-4-5



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