Friday, 10 July 2020
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Mind Control, World Control

By Jim KeithTrade Paper: 310 pagesISBN: 0-932813-45-3
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This book shares the research on an astonishing amount of information on mind control and the experimentation of it. The methodology, technology of implants, mind control victims, cults, HAARP, and information on famous mind control victims, such as Sirhan Sirhan, Patty Hearst, and Candy Jones. In 1950 LSD was introduced as a Tavistock Project by Aldous Huxley who spearheaded the project. To grasp Toynbee politics he states that Bolschevik dictatorship of the world must be necessary before a benevolent “one world order” could be instituted. This project was to inject a euphoria-producing chemical on a widespread basis in America. This information and more is necessary for you to understand the degree and methods they have used to accomplish the projects to date.

By Jim Keith
Trade Paper: 310 pages
ISBN: 0-932813-45-3



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