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The RAVE Diet plus Eating DVD

By Mike Anderson“EATING” DVD INCLUDED Trade Paper: 226 pagesISBN: 0-9726590-4-8
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Congress passed the Prescription drug bill which will add as much as $8 trillion to our overall health costs. As of 2008, half of the population of the U.S. is over 50. Medicare is already paying out MORE THAN IT TAKES IN. Rising health care combined with the aging system are recognized as the greatest threats to the federal budget. In 2005, our country spent over $36 billion for drugs to lower cholesterol and blood sugar.  Painkillers and sleep aids added another $26 Billion. It is all up to you to take charge. The RAVE Diet and Lifestyle describes a program that helps control your weight, REVERSE heart disease and PREVENT common cancers and many other common diseases. It is based exclusively on whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains and offers literally thousands of food choices.  The author explains why Americans cannot lose weight, why modern diets don't work in the long run, and shows you how to reach your ideal weight by going back to old-fashioned foods Americans used to eat, before losing weight was a problem. The book explains why the standard American diet is responsible for the two largest killers in America today, heart disease and our common cancers.This information should be shared and the dvd “Eating” has many medical resources.


By Mike Anderson
Trade Paper: 226 pages
ISBN: 0-9726590-4-8



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