Sunday, 23 February 2020
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The Cholesterol Hoax: 101+ Lies

By Sheldon ZerdenTrade Paper: 129 pagesISBN: 0964010429
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HAS SOMEONE TOLD YOU (OR A FRIEND) THAT YOUR CHOLESTEROL IS TOO HIGH? Did you know that Americans have spent over a trillion dollars on a Hoax? Sheldon Zerden, with the help of many doctors in his search for the truth, has compiled over 100 lies that are presented to people. If you have been diagnosed as having high blood cholesterol or are on some form of medication for the same, or you know someone who is, they must read this book. The people with the highest cholesterol counts live the longest! Read this book and demand your health advisor read this. Dr. George V. Mann calls cholesterol the biggest scam of this century. Maybe the biggest scam of all time. The scientific community after 40 years and 27 clinical trials costing untold billions of dollars, has failed to show that lowering cholesterol with diet or drugs increased longevity.

By Sheldon Zerden
Trade Paper: 129 pages
ISBN: 0964010429



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