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The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

By Gary Null, Ph.D.612 pages… 7 x 9ISBN: 0-7582-0211-3
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Americans by the tens of millions are seeking out alternative opinions on how diseases should be treated and prevented. Why? Orthodox medicine just hasn’t measured up to its billing as the be-all and end-all in health maintenance. Prevention isn’t stressed to the extent that it should be. Drastic remedies often resulting in ”doctor or hospital” induced illnesses are overused. This book is intended as a kind of second opinion for today’s confused health care consumer. It’s not the second opinion that most Americans are used to, the kind that’s concerned with which beta blocker or antidepressant to take or how one’s coronary bypass should be done. It is important for anyone considering treatment, whether alternative or mainstream to hear what others who have undergone the treatment have to say about it. Patient experiences are part of this book. Read what patients have to say about natural therapies that range from aromatherapy to vitamin drips, from chelation to qi-quong. Their reports put a human face on these healing modalities, and the human aspect of health care.


By Gary Null, Ph.D.
612 pages… 7 x 9
ISBN: 0-7582-0211-3



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