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Vril or Vital Magnetism

Introduction By Paul TiceTrade Paper: 124 pagesISBN: 1585090301
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With an introduction by Paul Tice, Vril is another name for the life energy of the body, known in other cultures worldwide as mana, prana, chi, or vital force. Most of the ancient cultures of the world were aware of this important force and worked to make use of it. Although this force can not be seen, it is the life force within our bodies. Methods can be employed to store up its energy and use it constructively. This is by far the best guidebook known to this mysterious and powerful force. The exact mechanics of how it works are detailed, plus methods of gathering, conserving, and using its power. The exercises given are powerful and they work.


Introduction By Paul Tice
Trade Paper: 124 pages
ISBN: 1585090301



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