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The Book of Enoch the Prophet

Translated by Richard LaurenceTrade Paper: 224 pagesISBN: 0-932813-85-2
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This is a reprint of The Book of Enoch, The Prophet which was first discovered in Abyssinia in the year 1773. In 1821 “The Book of Enoch” was translated by Richard Laurence and published in a number of successive editions, culminating in the 1883 edition. One of the main influences from the book is its explanation of evil coming into the world with the arrival of the “fallen angels.” Christianity adopted some ideas from Enoch, including the final Judgment. The Book of Enoch was ultimately removed from the Bible and banned by the early church.  Today it is back in print in this expanded, deluxe edition, using the original 1888 text.


Translated by Richard Laurence
Trade Paper: 224 pages
ISBN: 0-932813-85-2



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