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World War III: Population & the Biosphere at End of Millennium

By Michael Tobias610 pages… Hard CoverISBN: 1-879181-18-5
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World War III:  Population and the Biosphere at the End of the Millennium

The sheer weight of numbers known vaguely to be human beings, and the substantial meaning of the impact of the speed of over 14,000 births per hour, begging for a quality of life that is increasingly impossible to satisfy. As other species quietly, rapidly, fade away, one’s life suddenly is held by cosmic forces totally out of control. Panic, escapism, homophobia, wrath, persistent forlorn and bitter fatalism are patterns associated with today’s densification of human beings. Tobias has put together an incredible tome of information from knowledgeable sources throughout the planet to give you insight into humanities plight. The knowledge in this book will give you an understanding of why the plan 2000 is going ahead with full steam on population control and reduction.

By Michael Tobias
610 pages… Hard Cover
ISBN: 1-879181-18-5



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